We develop staying power.

We develop staying power.

From left: John Cooper, Jim Stormont, W. Allen Morris, and Spencer Morris.

A shared path into the future of hospitality.

About AMS Hospitality

The joint venture of The Allen Morris Company and Stormont Hospitality is more than just a merger of development experts. It’s a partnership built on a commitment to quality and integrity, proven through our decades of development experience. Now with our revolutionary model, and our commitment to inspire people, we’re here to change the game.

About The Allen Morris Company

The Allen Morris Company is a 62 year-old family-run real estate firm specializing in commercial, multi-family residential and mixed-use developments, leasing and brokerage as well as property management. With offices throughout Florida and Georgia, The Allen Morris Company has served its business and investment clients with over 85 developments.

Our Mission is to Inspire, Impress and Improve the lives of all we touch.

About Stormont Hospitality Group

Stormont Hospitality Group is a comprehensive, turn-key developer with a proven track record of more than three decades of success in developing luxury and first-class hotels, conference centers and resort properties. Based in Atlanta, Stormont Hospitality Group and its principals have envisioned, partnered in, executed and launched more than $2 billion in prominent hotel properties, including some of the most successful public/private hospitality projects in the United States.

Our properties cater to the curious and the confident.

Every detail is considered and customized to help our visitors feel seen even when they’re far from what may be familiar. We’re here to curate an entire district. And then bring it to life.

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